BeyondWealth to make meriting doctors even more affluent

Doctors are getting a bushel load from Santa this season of good cheer and bonanza is BeyondWealth's professional investment services for doctors working hard for their money.

Doctors, being busy professionals, have little or no time to know how and where to invest for best results.But now they can have money working for them, with BeyondWealth (BW).

"BW believes that doctors - even specialists - need a specialist when it comes to financial planning, wealth protection and creation, by wisely managing money and investments. At BW, we have the experienced financial planning, investment service and advisory experts who could help doctors who deserve to be wealthier, as rich as they deserve to be," said Strategic Insurance Brokers (Sib) and BW Director Indrajith Fernando.

From left: Sib Chief Reinsurance Officer Shiranthi Goonewardena, BW Wealth Architect Charini Weerasinghe, Sib Cheif Operations Piyal Gonnewardena, Sib and BW Director Indrajith Fernando, NHSL GMOA Exec Committee Member Dr. Danushka Devapriya, NHSL GMOA Branch Union Asst Sec Dr. Roshan Osman, NHSL GMOA Branch Union Co Sec Dr. Nisatha Sugunapala, NHSL DWS Treasurer Dr. Upul Narandeniya and DWS Sec Dr. K.H. Buddhika Saman Kumara

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