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BeyondWealth Celebrates Twenty Years of PIAS

TIW Capital Group, experts in machine-learning investments, tie up with BW to mark occasion

Beyond Wealth the leading Professional Investment Advisory Services (PIAS) company in Sri Lanka celebrates its twentieth anniversary in a fitting manner with a tie up with TIW Capital Group  

For two decades, TIW Capital Group (TCG) has been quietly amassing tech expertise, and devising a cyborg investment capability that consistently outperforms the market. Now TCG and Beyond Wealth (BW) are together presenting a machine-learning aided investment strategy that would eventually drive cyborg investment strategizing, to take over the investment world.

The Singapore based TIW Capital Group is powered by machine learning, predictive analytics, and a deep understanding of the tech-ecosystem that drives the world. 

The Indrajith Fernando led BW is a one of a kind professional investment advisory services firm in Sri Lanka, while Singapore based TCG pioneered by Mohit Ralhan, is a multi-asset multi-geography global investment Company.

“Machine learning rule base investments would increasingly outperform other investment strategies because confirmation bias, optimism bias, loss aversion bias and decency bias would be taken out of machine learnt business calculations for investment,” says Mohit Ralhan, the much peer-decorated CEO who is regarded with a certain measure of awe in the global investment ecosystem.

Ralhan, who is group CEO and investment manager with TCG, is an expert in machine-learning powered investment. At events held recently at Colombo Club and Royal Colombo Golf Club to cement the BW and TCG partnership,  Ralhan said that “Machine learning circumvents the need for people to make arduous strategic calculations in making investment calls, and instead relies on the machine-learned data which unerringly assures consistently good returns”.

Tying this potential to Sri Lanka’s growth, Ralhan said “whenever a country comes out of a debt crisis  it’s next 10 to 20 years of growth will be phenomenal. The GDP of Sri Lanka will be 150 billion dollars in ten years time,” he said.

Indrajith Fernado the head of Beyond  Wealth sought out TCG as he was looking for domestic input in machine learning-aided investment. “Our customers had a hunch that machine-learning can be starting point for error-less investments in a strategizing framework free of emotive mistake-making in making calls about the future.”

Chartered accountant and former president of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and South Asian Federation of Accountants, Fernando has been consistently making the right calls for his businesses, Strategic Insurance Brokers and Beyond Wealth. He tied up Sib with Uniba Partners triggering exponential growth, and now with TCG brings Sri Lankan investing ecosystems to the door of assured success. “Assured returns will be a sine qua non for a country that as Ralhan says is poised to grow phenomenally in the next ten years,” Indrajith says.

TCG rule-based investing leverages machine computing and analytics and is definitely the future.

“It’s  the rise of the machines, and TCG is leading the charge with returns that are anything but robotic.  Forget crystal balls and tea leaves, the future of investing belongs to machine learning and robots,” says Marina Goonewardene, senior investment architect at BW.

Incidentally, Mohit Ralhan was among the Economic Times Most Promising Business Leaders of Asia for two consecutive years, in 2019 and 2020, and was also voted Most Innovative Leader – Investment Solutions, Asia, 2022 by the Global Brands Magazine, The United Kingdom.

Ralhan also made the partnership launches at the Colombo Club and the Golf Club opportunities to show slides of how machine learning garnered his foreign clients profits in the Sri Lankan stock exchange consistently. There was no missed period, not even 2022. Soon, through Beyond Wealth, Sri Lankans would be able to access this magic of assured machine-learning aided results.

TIW Capital Group (TCG) is a multi-asset, multi-geography global asset management company headquartered in Singapore. TCG delivers superior investment solutions through a combination of deep market expertise, advanced technology, and innovative investment strategies. With a focus on risk management and consistent returns, TCG helps its clients achieve their financial objectives.

Beyond Wealth is a leading independent financial advisory firm in Sri Lanka, dedicated to providing clients with personalized financial planning and investment advice. With a focus on client-centricity and ethical practices, Beyond Wealth builds long-term relationships with its clients, helping them achieve their financial goals.

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